We operate in full integrity and transparency, in respect of human rights and of laws applicable in the countries where we operate.

We protect the rights and interests of our Shareholders, Employees, Partners and of all other stakeholders working with us.

Shareholders will receive on a regular basis or when needed, a reliable and timely information reflecting the activity or changes affecting the company.

We don’t allow our subsidiary or its employees, in their working environment, to take political or religious positions.

We require our suppliers to deliver and to our subsidiary to deliver products, ingredients or services compliant with the recognized standards of quality of the profession or imposed by laws or rules.

Customer satisfaction mobilizes all resources, skills and is considered to be a benchmark of the group’s development, its durability and therefore its ability to respect its shareholder engagements.



Sustainable business practices should be our standard of operation with record keeping and self-inspection.

We aim to minimize our impact on the Environment and to optimize utilization of the resources we are using in our processes in order to protect the soil and prevent waste of water.










We intend to guaranty to our employees an equal treatment and to prevent any form of discrimination based on gender, race, ethnic, and religion. Any form of child or forced labour is strictly forbidden.

Workplaces in which we operate should be safe and healthy. We aim to reduce injury and accident by an active policy to identify and solve potential factors of risks.

We have edited a CODE OF CONDUCT to be signed off by management and employees. Management team commits to explain contents of the code to employees in order to be sure that our values are recognized and implemented.



We steer a clear policy aiming to offer to the local community, where its subsidiary operates, actions to improve its livelihood.

Economic and contractual conditions negotiated (renting of land, salaries) aim to match or beat minimum and average standards existing in local environment.

Local investment should benefit, as far it is relevant, to local community: access to filtered water, access to health center… are relevant examples.

Health and educational initiatives should help to promote community development.

Financing political activity: We do not take political stances. It does not fund nor provide services to an elected representative of the government.

Sponsorship, donations, and humanitarian actions: The company’s philanthropic actions and donations are guided by our values. We cannot make donations to a State or territorial administration, to individuals. Cash payments are excluded.

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