“A leader is best
When people barely know he exists
Of a good leader, who talks little,
When his work is done, his aim fulfilled,
They will say, “We did this ourselves.” 

― Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching



Jacques-Antoine de GEFFRIER, Chairman

With an engineering degree from ESMA, he began his career at Banque Indosuez, before being appointed its deputy director in 1983. He then held positions with the banks Duménil Leblé and Joire, Pajot, Martin. He has been co-director of the Opportunité group since 1995.  

Remy ALLEMANE, Director

Rémy founded SOLEA in 2011 after serving as CEO at SODEC (Société des Eaux du Congo), ANACO Group (specialized in public-private partnerships) and AID (African Industrial & Development). Previously, he held executive roles with various financial institutions, including AMM Finance SA, CPR Group and Banque Duménil Leblé. He is a trained public works engineer (ESTP).

Catherine WAJSMAN, Director

In 1982, whilst a professor at the Université de Paris II with a passion for finance and experience in successfully managing assets of close friends, decided to start her own investment firm: Opportunité. She remains very active in the daily management and guides its investment policy.

Hughes LAMOTTE, Director

After beginning his career as an analyst then a corporate trader in New York with Bankers Trust Company and Bear Stearns, he became chairman of Wertheim International in London. From 1993 to 2008, he created and led Atlas Capital Group, a management group, which he sold in 2008.

Robert OSSELAER, Director

After graduating from ICHEC Business School in Brussels, he began his career in 1973 with Heublein Inc. and held various positions within its EMEA regional office. From 1983 to 1986, he was VP of Relsky International, before becoming a member of its European Executive Committee. From 2000 to 2001, he founded and was a partner in the Belgian subsidiary of Transearch International. He is currently the founder and managing director of Opportunité.

Pierre MONCHEUR, Director

Graduating in law from Université Catholique de Louvain (UCL), he began his career in 1980 in Congo with Sozafer, specialising in the distribution of agricultural products. From 1985 to 1992, he continued his career in Luxembourg as a financial analyst and manager at Vermeulen-Raemdonck, a subsidiary of Bank Brussels Lambert. In 1992, he created his first Asset Management company, Finance et Conseil, which he ran until 1996 until the creation of a new wealth management company in Geneva, Moncheur & Cie, which he still directs.






Remy manages the subsidiary’s strategic and operational aspects on a day-to-day basis, working closely with its leadership team. An ESTP graduate, he founded SOLEA in 2011 after serving as CEO of SODEC (Société des Eaux du Congo) and the ANACO Group (investment holding company specialized in PIP) and AID (African Industrial and Development Abidjan).


Indranil GHOSH

MD & Sustanability Lead

He joined SOLEA in 2012 after working as Development Director at Deltec Bank & Trust in London, and as Head of Emerging Markets for Groupe Opportunité in Paris. Prior to that, he headed operations for eForce Inc. in India. He has a Masters in Information Management.



Chief Financial Officer

After starting out in his career with major hotel groups in France and Africa, he founded several companies. Firstly PGO Automobiles, which was listed on the stock market in 2002 followed by an import-export company. With his proven track record, he combines outstanding administrative and financial management expertise alongwith with in-depth operational knowledge in Africa.


Operational Heads


Bernard MALICK, Agronomy

Specialized in the coffee, cocoa and rubber sectors, Bernard Malick possesses extensive agricultural expertise. As an agricultural-technical engineer, he has held managerial positions while working for various organizations including SAO, SAPH-DIGAIO and SPROA-GAGNOA.


Bertin KOUAKOU, Logistics

An electrical and mechanical engineer, Bertin Kouakou is an ESTP graduate and has extensive experience in previous firms where he managed large teams and fleets of vehicles, both heavy and light. He also oversees all new construction within the company.


Valery POKOU, Pedology

Graduated from the School of Agronomy (ESA) in Agro-pedology, he joined ENVAL LABORATORY in 2009 where he was responsible for soil science lab and metrology laboratories of physical chemistry and Microbiology. Since January 2016, he works as an engineer in agro-pedology at SOLEA where he conducts morpho-pedological characterisation of plots and extensive soil tests at the in-house laboratory.


Remi KOFFI, Nursery

Remi holds an engineering degree in organic chemistry. He began his professional career with an intership in clinical chemistry in Mannheim, Germany before working for nine years at SCB where he served as an irrigation and external relations. In 2008, he joined PEXAGRIE as the head of organic fertilization all the while working as an irrigation consultant with cocoa research institutes such as ICRAF and CNRA.



Please read the job listings below (in French). If you are interested, please apply using the button below.

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Current Job Listings (in French):

Ref SOL_A: Directeur des travaux agricoles

  • Poste basé Centre Est du pays.

  • Rattaché(e) au Directeur Général, vous assurez la direction Agronome de 2 plantations de 1 300 ha  au total et en cours de développement pour partie , vous êtes, entre autres, chargé de:

  • Assurer avec le collège des cadres des autres services, le développement agricole de 2 sites de culture cacaoyère.

  • Encadrer manager et former les équipes Agronomes subalternes.

  • Adapter les moyens en personnel et matériels aux objectifs à atteindre et aux problèmes à résoudre.

  • Veiller à l'exécution des instructions données, assister ses subordonnés dans leurs fonctions et orienter leurs actions.

  • Suivre l'évolution des performances du personnel et proposer les actions de formation à engager.

  • Veiller au respect de la discipline ainsi que des règlements et procédures administratives à l'intérieur de la division agronome.

  • Analyser les pratiques existantes et proposer à sa hiérarchie toutes suggestions visant à améliorer la productivité de sa division.

  • Être le garant des bonne pratiques culturales, tels que défini par le plan cadre de la DG

  • Etablir les protocoles Post récolte, développer les outils et méthodes afférentes

  • Elaborer tout rapport ou note de synthèse à la demande de la DG et tenir régulièrement la DG informé de l'activité.

  • Assurer la bonne conduite des travaux agricoles conformément à la politique définie par la hiérarchie.

  • Profil: De formation BAC+4/5 en agronomie tropicale ou niveau équivalent, entre 35 à 45 ans, vous avez de bonnes connaissances et une bonne pratique des cultures tropicales et dans la conduite des hommes. Homme de terrain, vous devez justifier d'une expérience de 5 années au moins à un poste à responsabilités semblable. Une expérience de l’Afrique est indispensable.

  • Langues: Français (une langue locale sera fortement appréciée).


Ref SOL_B: Ingénieur agronome

  • Poste basé Centre Est du pays.

  • Sous l’autorité directe de la Direction d’exploitation de la société, les Responsables du Volet Agricole auront pour mission d’organiser les voies et moyens pour que :

  • Un programme d’optimisation des plantations,

  • Une assistance technique continue,

  • L’organisation et la conduite des plantations,

  • Les missions sur le terrain.

  • Profil: Diplôme d’Ingénieur agro/agri

  • Expérience de 5 ans minimum dans un poste similaire.

  • Langues: Français (une langue locale sera fortement appréciée).

  • Informations supplémentaires: De manière plus générale la mission comprendra aussi la coordination avec et l’appui à la direction générale de la société, le « reporting » régulier et la veille technologique et la mise en place d’une véritable cellule de recherche et développement.