Adequate security measures have been adopted to ensure protection for biological, non-organic assets and workers who live and work on the plantation.


PERIMETER CROP: Teak is a hardwood tree that is considered generally as the best choice for fire prevention. All along the perimeters of each cacao block, dense lining ofteak allows to form an efficient safety net.

POI: The POI is an emergency plan, drawn up by an external operator, which organises the means, equipment and methods of intervention in the event of a disaster in an installation. Drawn up by SGS following an extensive on-site study, the plan was validated during an onsite examination by GSPM (Groupement des Sapeurs Pompiers Militaires de Cote d’Ivoire).


A Rapid Intervention Brigade, equipped with communication equipment, licensed arms and motorcycles guard the plantation 24/7. The team also ensures the safety of the surrounding villages. Every member of the team is carefully chosen after rigorous training, thorough background check and vetting by local government. In addition, there are numerous stationary checkpoints all over the plantation with permanent guards who control all entry and exit.