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Remy allemane


Remy manages the subsidiary’s strategic and operational aspects on a day-to-day basis, working closely with its leadership team.  An ESTP graduate, he founded SOLEA in 2011 after serving as CEO of SODEC (Société des Eaux du Congo) and the ANACO Group (investment holding company specialized in PIP) and AID (African Industrial and Development Abidjan).

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indranil ghosh


He joined SOLEA in 2012 after working as Development Director at Deltec Bank & Trust Limited in London, as well as the Head of Emerging Markets for Groupe Opportunité in Paris. Prior to that, he was the Head of Operations for eForce Inc in India. He has a Masters degree in Information Management.

laurent skrypczak


After starting out in his career with major hotel groups in France and Africa, he founded several companies. Firstly PGO Automobiles, which was listed on the stock market in 2002 followed by an import-export company. With his proven track record, he combines outstanding administrative and financial management expertise alongwith with in-depth operational knowledge in Africa.

bertin kouakou


An electrical and mechanical engineer, Bertin Kouakou is an ESTP graduate and has extensive experience in previous firms where he managed large teams and fleets of vehicles, both heavy and light. He also oversees all new construction within the company.

bernard malick


Specialized in the coffee, cocoa and rubber sectors, Bernard Malick possesses extensive agricultural expertise. As an agricultural-technical engineer, he has held managerial positions while working for various organizations including SAO, SAPH-DIGAIO and SPROA-GAGNOA.

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gianni daghero


Gianni Daghero is responsible for the supervision and development of new plots for SOLEA. He previously held various managerial positions in the local hotel and timber sector in Ivory Coast.

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