irrigation, fertigation and use of organic fertilizers

There are dedicated irrigation units for each plantation. There are currently, two separate installations that service each site (electrified). Water from nearby river is surface-pumped, filtered then stored. On the plantation, there is a use of Precision based micro-irrigation (drip system):

  • Precision approach integrating distribution of soluble fertiliser
  • Use state of the art soil monitoring devices to measure humidity
  • More efficient than traditional watering with uniform water distribution leading to reduced wastage of resources.
  • Lower soil erosion and optimisation of humidity for foliage, reducing disease risks.


Soluble fertilizers are delivered through the irrigation system. The use of fertigation enables for highly accurate nutrient supply to plants. Specific chemical formulas used to balance nutriments in the fertiliser (e.g. NPK). Increased efficiency thanks to improved absorption of fertiliser in line with the plant’s needs and level of maturity.


Simultaneous use of organic fertilisers for improved soil activation is done manually. Use of organic fertilisers containing living or latent cells of efficient strains of micro-organisms that help plants’ uptake of nutrients when applied.