Innovation, the fruit of unremitting research and constant development, is at the heart of our values. We carry out sizable investments throughout the year, hand-in-hand with avant-garde specialists. Together we aspire for a sustainable and high yielding cocoa. Through several disciplines such as precision irrigation, pedology, and with a dedicated laboratory with state-of-the-art equipment, we develop new agronomic protocols aimed at reinventing and improving cocoa culture.

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Remi Koffi

Remi holds an engineering degree in organic chemistry. He began his professional career with an intership in clinical chemistry in Mannheim, Germany before working for nine years at SCB where he served as an irrigation and external relations.

In 2008, he joined PEXAGRIE as the head of organic fertilization all the while working as an irrigation consultant with cocoa research institutes such as ICRAF and CNRA.

valery pokou

Graduated from the School of Agronomy (ESA) of the Polytechnic Institute Houphouet Boigny (INP-HB) Yamoussoukro (Ivory Coast), in Agro-pedology, he participated in several environmental impact studies on behalf of various firms before joining in 2009, the team ENVAL lABORATORY where he was responsible for soil science lab and metrology laboratories of physical chemistry and Microbiology (ISO 17025 accredited). Since January 2016, he works as an engineer in agro-pedology at SOLEA where he conducts morpho-pedological characterisation of plots and extensive soil tests at the in-house laboratory.