EKKOA (EXEKO (égalité)/(norwegian - > échos)


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We aim to transform our entire production. A proprietary label called EKKOA (EXEKO (égalité)/(norwegian - > échos) will propose semi-finished products e.g. "chocolat de couverture" with 50-75% pure chocolate and in loaves of 2,5 KG.

A custom factory is being built in Abidjan (with initial capacity of 4 tons/per day) with aim to achieve first production in January 2020. As post harvest processing makes up for 80% of the final flavor, Custom factory in Abidjan, the company will develop an in-house process with technical guidance and oversight by industry experts who are internationally acknolwged experts in post-harvest technology for cocoa and coffee.

So the question begs; how does our product stand apart?

  • Made-In-Africa: The product will be entirely fabricated locally in Ivory Coast. A fully equipped factory will be setup with locally trained workforce.

  • Single Plantation Beans: In Western Africa, the notion of single plantation beans is quasi non-existent. With small scale holdings that group their produce under co-operatives, the end product is a blend of non homogenous varieties. On our plantations, the beans are derived from a biological inventory that has been recorded and where followup is an everyday matter.

notion of TERROIR; a singular identity (e.g. taste, aroma)

  • Fermentation will be carried out using client norms with in-house processes.

  • 100% Traceable: Our beans are 100% traceable. Using trained in-house teams and thorough controls (internal auditors, documentation, accountability), every step of the supply chain is surveyed and resulting anomalies are addressed and eliminated.

our unique proposition would help cement customer TRUST.

  • Selected Beans: Be it the way the trees are cared for on-field or the post harvest treatment (drying and fermentation), aim is to follow strict guidelines, often working with the end-client to ensure a final product that caters to their requirements.

  • Climate-Smart: We run large scale biodiversity programs where combating deforestation consists of rigorously implementing protocols in a region that has been decimated by bush fires, illegal charcoal production and large scale human encroachment. The beans used in the final product would be a result of this responsible approach.


After a career in Finance, Indranil seeks something tangible. He wants to work on a project that adopts an ethical and ecological strategy. After the analysis of the existing problems, it is in Ivory Coast, and in cocoa, that he decides to venture.

In a remote region of Côte d'Ivoire, Indranil discusses the cultural and economic difficulties that he faces. Despite cultural, administrative and logistical difficulties, the project has moved ahead, building an unique cocoa ecosystem in the process.


From the world of finance to that of cocoa, Indranil presents his project in this second interview where he talks about the history of cocoa in Côte d'Ivoire and shares with us, the ethical and ecological dimensions that he wants to promote.

Indranil reviews the project they are conducting in Ivory Coast and their desire to develop a new business model. The motivation is to create a fully traceable and sustainable cocoa ecosystem with strategic reference points.


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