cassava transformation Project with a women's cooperative


Since our inception, we have strived for greater inclusion of women in our project through gender equality measures and ensuring their financial freedom through strategic rollout of projects catered to their competencies. In this context, we are delighted to announce the launch of our Cassava transformation project with COFEMVIB (SOCIÉTÉ COOPÉRATIVE DES FEMMES DE VIVRIERS DE BOUAKÉ) managed by their president, Viviane Assoi Kouadio Tano.

Made up uniquely of underprivileged women of the region, they cater to markets like Bouaké and Abidjan. But orders do come from everywhere, including many countries in the sub-region, led by Burkina Faso and Mali. With SOLEA, the aim is to ensure a steady supply of raw Cassava that will be transformed into "Attiéké" by the cooperative. Initial trails have been satisfactory and quality and deadlines, previously agreed upon, have been adhered to.