In 2016, the Ivorian cassava production stood at 4.54 million tons, reports the African Press Agency (APA), quoting the data published by the Directorate of Production and Food Security of the Ivorian Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. According to FAO data, between 45 and 50% of Ivorian cassava production is destined for the urban market. Consumed mainly in the form of Placali (fermented paste) and Attièkè (steamed semolina), cassava occupies a prominent place in the culinary habits of the Ivorians. With a consumption of 100-110 kg / year per inhabitant living in urban areas according to the FAO, Côte d'Ivoire is one of the biggest consumers of manioc in West Africa.

SOLEA has implemented Cassava production fields on land declared unfit for Cocoa cultivation, using innovative production techniques to improve yields per hectare, thus increasing its revenue streams.